Solutions for product development

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For the development of certain products, the specific properties of the raw materials are very important. The slightest deviation in dosage can already cause the product not to function optimally. Solids Solutions can help you find the right compositions. We specialize in particle and powder technology and are engaged in research and development in this field. If you get stuck in the development process, we can determine where the problem lies and look for a solution.

Determine BET surface with porosity measurement

The pore size of solids can be measured by gas adsorption. In most cases nitrogen is suitable to perform a porosity measurement, but sometimes a different type of gas gives more accurate results. Activated carbon, for example, uses argon or carbon dioxide adsorption. Based on the amount of gas that is absorbed by the substance, the BET surface area can be determined accurately. Determining the amount of gas adsorbed can be done in two ways. By means of a TCD detector or by the volumetric technique, with which slightly more accurate information is obtained.

Solids Solutions courses

At Solids Solutions, we are not only engaged in research. We are also happy to share our knowledge and findings with you. That is why you can come to our academy for courses and seminars. We offer various multi-day courses that are held both on location as well as in-company. The in-company courses are specifically tailored to the needs within the company. In addition, we regularly organise seminars on various topics in the field of particle technology. Please contact us to discuss your wishes and the possibilities we offer.
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