Promotion ideas for small business

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You want to increase your brand awareness, but don’t have the budget? With a little creativity, you can come up with many ways that cost little and are still very effective. Get inspired by this list of 19 ideas.



It’s expensive, but if you need a lot of customers, giveaways are a good way to go. An object of use that appeals to your target audience will be in someone’s view for a longer period of time and will make a name more quickly remembered. Choose an object that appeals to your target group: a windshield scraper for car drivers, a notebook for people who like to write down their ideas or, always good, a pen.


Free samples

Perhaps the very best advertising tool. I recently experienced this: two oranges in a net at the door with a nice bill from the ‘Orange Man’. Could he deliver healthy and tasty juiced oranges to us every two weeks from now on? I am sure he will get the chance!


Free publicity

Advertising is expensive. The advantage is that you have maximum control over the content. You can also try to get free publicity. But then you have to have news to report that is interesting for the readers of the medium. So send out a rock-solid press release, with news value. But beware, if your ‘news’ smacks too much of advertising, it won’t be published. Make a professional press release, for example.


Organize a workshop

Many companies, associations, clubs, families and friends clubs are looking for a fun evening or day out. If it suits your business, you can organize a workshop or event such as making your own chocolates or baking savory pies, as well as an introduction to an accessible topic from psychology such as family constellations or NLP.


Sit on a jury or organize a competition

What do you know? Show it and offer yourself as a juror for a photo, story or dance contest, for example. Is no contest organized? Take the initiative yourself.


Article in a door-to-door or regional newspaper

You can, for example, support a charity with money, but also by providing free services or products, and ask a door-to-door magazine or regional newspaper for attention. They may be willing to publish an article or even an interview for free.



Sponsoring the local sports club can be lucrative if your target group also plays sports there. Take a good look at what you get in return for your contribution. For example, a link to your website and/or webshop in the digital club magazine of a sports club. A billboard along the field or shirt advertising is also still a great possibility.


Writing blogs

The effect of weblogs can be amazing. Take the time to find a well-visited and lively website that fits your topic and posts weblogs. Write about your profession, give tips or your opinion.  Discussions are good as long as they don’t harm you: stay positive, don’t try to win and never play on the man. No time to do this yourself? Then take a look at website creation.


Company clothing

Company clothing can also be a great advertising tool. All your employees wearing the same outfit with your logo on it makes a neat and professional impression.


Lectures or presentations

Give a lecture on an interesting topic related to your business to a community college or an association. Many schools have space for guest lectures. Also consider schools or training programs for adults. If you work with children, you can offer to give a presentation at a parents’ evening.


Don’t turn it into an advertising pitch for your company, but establish yourself as an expert and share your knowledge in an accessible way. If people see you as an expert, they will come to you when they need to.


Make sure you are found online

Of course you are not missing on the Internet. A website is a must. Make sure it is attractive, clear and up-to-date. And of course make sure you can be found through Google using good SEO texts. So get to work on online marketing. A webmaster can help. Another good idea is to advertise through Google AdWords or AdMarkt. You will receive regular offers for this.



Useful if you often meet potential customers. For example at meetings. With a brochure you can show what you have to offer. Keep the text short and make the brochure attractive, for example with photos. Make sure the brochure stimulates people to action, such as visiting your store to get a discount, sending in a coupon for more information, a visit to the website to see if they have won a prize. Be creative.




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