Alles wat je moet weten over Head Shops

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Head shops zijn winkels die rookparafernalia verkopen, waaronder pijpen, waterpijpen en vloei. Head shops verschenen voor het eerst in de jaren 1960 als een manier om het verbod op natuurlijke substanties en soortgelijke producten te ondermijnen. Vandaag de dag zijn headshops nog steeds een populaire bestemming voor rokers van alle soorten. Hier is alles wat je moet weten over deze unieke winkels.

Een korte geschiedenis van headshops

Headshops werden voor het eerst populair in de Verenigde Staten in de jaren 1960. Deze vroege head shops waren vaak niet veel meer dan een soort ‘hole-in-the-wall’ plekken waar parafernalia werden verkocht, waaronder pijpen en waterpijpen. Veel van deze vroege headshops werden opgericht door mensen die tegen het verbod op natuurlijke substanties waren.

Toen de natuurlijke substanties in de jaren 2010 meer mainstream werd, begonnen headshops een grotere verscheidenheid aan producten te verkopen, waaronder CBD-producten, t-shirts en zelfs woonartikelen. Hoewel de meeste headshops nog steeds traditionele rookparafernalia verkopen, kun je tegenwoordig in een headshop zo ongeveer alles vinden 

Wat je in een headshop kunt vinden

Tegenwoordig verkopen headshops een grote verscheidenheid aan rookbenodigdheden en accessoires. Hieronder vallen pijpen in alle soorten en maten, waterpijpen, vloei, vape-pennen en nog veel meer. Naast de traditionele rookbenodigdheden verkopen veel headshops ook CBD-producten zoals tincturen en gummies. Je kunt in moderne headshops zelfs enkele niet-rookgerelateerde artikelen vinden, zoals T-shirts en huisdecoratie-artikelen 

Ontdek het assortiment online! 

Headshops en smartshops zijn unieke detailhandelszaken die al tientallen jaren bestaan. Deze winkels verkopen alles wat je maar nodig kunt hebben om te roken, van pijpen en waterpijpen tot vloei en vape-pennen. In veel moderne headshops kun je zelfs enkele niet-rookgerelateerde artikelen vinden. Of je nu al lang rookt of net begonnen bent, ga de volgende keer dat je wat rookbenodigdheden nodig hebt zeker eens langs bij je plaatselijke headshop. Daarnaast kun je online ook allerlei artikelen vinden. Neem eens een kijkje op de website van 24 high en ontdek het assortiment!

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Create warehouse space with these simple methods

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Lack of space is not a problem people often think about when they have to manage and/or use a warehouse. This is mainly due to the fact that the reason they even have the warehouse in the first place is that they needed that space. But eventually, space does run out, and those that manage and/or use a warehouse need to keep that in mind at some point. Running out of space in a warehouse does not always mean it is time to move to a bigger one. That solution isn’t suitable for everyone that uses a warehouse. But there are a few simple methods that can be attempted before taking more drastic measures. Keep on reading to learn about them.

Organizing things better is key

One of the first things you should do in a warehouse is to find the best and most effective way to organize all the products and supplies. If the things in the warehouse are not organized properly, they can take up more space than they need to. Not only will organizing the inventory in a warehouse create space, but it can make the work of the employees much easier.

Mezzanine floors

A great solution to combat the lack of space is installing a mezzanine floor. This is an extra floor you can install in the warehouse which you can use for more storage space and even office space if you require it. You can even customise the mezzanine floors to fit the warehouse perfectly and even change the colours. If there is no need for extra space, you can take down the mezzanine floor and save it for the next time you might have storage issues.

Get rid of unpopular products

Business owners know that they need to keep a close eye on what products do better than others and what products do worse. When the unpopular products are identified, they should be the ones taking up less space in the warehouse. If there are too many of those products, then they should be gotten rid of in an ethical way such as through giveaways or sales. If not they will take up the space that could be used for more products that actually sell well.
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Promotion ideas for small business

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You want to increase your brand awareness, but don’t have the budget? With a little creativity, you can come up with many ways that cost little and are still very effective. Get inspired by this list of 19 ideas.



It’s expensive, but if you need a lot of customers, giveaways are a good way to go. An object of use that appeals to your target audience will be in someone’s view for a longer period of time and will make a name more quickly remembered. Choose an object that appeals to your target group: a windshield scraper for car drivers, a notebook for people who like to write down their ideas or, always good, a pen.


Free samples

Perhaps the very best advertising tool. I recently experienced this: two oranges in a net at the door with a nice bill from the ‘Orange Man’. Could he deliver healthy and tasty juiced oranges to us every two weeks from now on? I am sure he will get the chance!


Free publicity

Advertising is expensive. The advantage is that you have maximum control over the content. You can also try to get free publicity. But then you have to have news to report that is interesting for the readers of the medium. So send out a rock-solid press release, with news value. But beware, if your ‘news’ smacks too much of advertising, it won’t be published. Make a professional press release, for example.


Organize a workshop

Many companies, associations, clubs, families and friends clubs are looking for a fun evening or day out. If it suits your business, you can organize a workshop or event such as making your own chocolates or baking savory pies, as well as an introduction to an accessible topic from psychology such as family constellations or NLP.


Sit on a jury or organize a competition

What do you know? Show it and offer yourself as a juror for a photo, story or dance contest, for example. Is no contest organized? Take the initiative yourself.


Article in a door-to-door or regional newspaper

You can, for example, support a charity with money, but also by providing free services or products, and ask a door-to-door magazine or regional newspaper for attention. They may be willing to publish an article or even an interview for free.



Sponsoring the local sports club can be lucrative if your target group also plays sports there. Take a good look at what you get in return for your contribution. For example, a link to your website and/or webshop in the digital club magazine of a sports club. A billboard along the field or shirt advertising is also still a great possibility.


Writing blogs

The effect of weblogs can be amazing. Take the time to find a well-visited and lively website that fits your topic and posts weblogs. Write about your profession, give tips or your opinion.  Discussions are good as long as they don’t harm you: stay positive, don’t try to win and never play on the man. No time to do this yourself? Then take a look at website creation.


Company clothing

Company clothing can also be a great advertising tool. All your employees wearing the same outfit with your logo on it makes a neat and professional impression.


Lectures or presentations

Give a lecture on an interesting topic related to your business to a community college or an association. Many schools have space for guest lectures. Also consider schools or training programs for adults. If you work with children, you can offer to give a presentation at a parents’ evening.


Don’t turn it into an advertising pitch for your company, but establish yourself as an expert and share your knowledge in an accessible way. If people see you as an expert, they will come to you when they need to.


Make sure you are found online

Of course you are not missing on the Internet. A website is a must. Make sure it is attractive, clear and up-to-date. And of course make sure you can be found through Google using good SEO texts. So get to work on online marketing. A webmaster can help. Another good idea is to advertise through Google AdWords or AdMarkt. You will receive regular offers for this.



Useful if you often meet potential customers. For example at meetings. With a brochure you can show what you have to offer. Keep the text short and make the brochure attractive, for example with photos. Make sure the brochure stimulates people to action, such as visiting your store to get a discount, sending in a coupon for more information, a visit to the website to see if they have won a prize. Be creative.




business management 

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What is child psychiatry?

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child psychiatry is a branch of psychiatry that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents. It is one of the youngest specialties in medicine, having been founded only in the 1940s.


What are some of the most common disorders treated by child psychiatrists?


Some of the most common disorders treated by child psychiatrists include ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder.


How do child psychiatrists diagnose and treat these disorders?


Child psychiatrists use a variety of methods to diagnose and treat psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents. This may include interviews with parents and children, psychological testing, neuropsychological testing, and/or medication.

How does child psychiatry differ from child psychology?


While child psychiatrists focus on the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric see here disorders, child psychologists focus on developmental issues. In other words, child psychologists do not diagnose or treat psychiatric disorders, whereas child psychiatrists do both.

Child Psychiatrists vs Child Psychologists: Practice Differences and Training


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What are the Steps in Producing Zinc?

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Much progress has been made in the extraction of mined resources during the course of extraction civilization and up to modern processes. Mining machines that are heavily loaded, sturdy, and modular have improved the value and efficacy of our mining operations. As an outcome, waste and hazardous chemicals have been reduced in the energy sector.


Conventional blasting, hauling and drilling processes are used to extract zinc ores from deep mines, which must then be processed. Zinc sulphide (also known as sphalerite), zinc silicate (calamine), zinc carbonate (smithsonite), and manganese and iron compounds (franklinite) are all found in the ores. Eighty percent of zinc mining sites are below ground, eight percent are open pit, and the rest are a mix of both.

To extract the ore, it is smashed first and then powdered to provide for the best separation of the minerals. A zinc concentrate typically includes around 55% zinc, along with some copper, iron, and lead.

Zinc smelting

The most typical zinc concentrate, zinc sulphide, is transformed into refined zinc during the smelting process by extracting sphalerite using the froth flotation method. 

Froth Flotation Method –

Processing the zinc ore to a powder form, blending it with water, pine oil, and flotation chemicals, and then stirring the solution to “float” the zinc to the top is how this method works.

Zinc sulphide is also used to treat secondary (recycled) zinc compounds, such as zinc oxide. Recycled zinc accounts for about 30% of total zinc production.

The Pyrometallurgical Method and the Hydrometallurgical Method are two ways for smelting zinc. The first step is the same for both: roasting.

Roasting –

Roasting is the process of transforming zinc sulphide concentrates into an unrefined zinc oxide called “Zinc Calcine” by oxidising them at high temps. Multiple-hearth, fluidized-bed, and suspension roasters are the three different types of roasters that could be used for roasting. During the process, the following chemical reactions occur:

2 ZnS +302 → 2 ZnO +2 SO2

2 SO2 + O2 + 2 SO3 

Electrolysis process

Electrolysis is a fascinating process that takes about 22 hours to complete. Electrowinning, a specific form of electrolysis, is used to extract zinc from the purified zinc sulphate solution. Leaching, electrolysis, purification, and melting and casting are the four steps in the electrolysis process. 


This process is driven by the following chemical formula:

ZnO + SO3 → ZnSO4


The cementation technique is used in the purification process to filter the zinc far more. Copper, cadmium, cobalt, and nickel, which then would interact with the process of electrolysis, are removed using zinc dirt particles and steam.

Pure zinc is placed on aluminium plates using a lot of voltage. The plates containing pure zinc are lifted from the cells.

The zinc is stripped away by machines, and the vacant plates are restored to the cells, where the process takes place again.

Melting and Casting

Zinc is melted down and formed into ready for sale zinc cubes weighing between 25 and 2500 kg.

Aside from that, special zinc casting alloys are cast by combining a number of different alloying components. Many pyrometallurgical processes include reducing zinc oxide with carbon and then extracting metallic zinc from the resultant solution in a carbon monoxide setting.

The Final Word!

The produced zinc can be used in a variety of applications, including building, transportation, machine parts, networking, electronics, and basic goods.

Zinc is mostly used to preserve steel against corrosion around the world. One of the most eco-friendly ways to extend the lifespan of a steel material by nearly 12 times is to apply a thin coating of zinc.



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De beste wasdroger kopen

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Een vaatwasser is tegenwoordig het ultieme luxe apparaat in de keuken, die vrijwel iedereen heeft. Van buiten zien ze er allemaal hetzelfde uit, maar er zit natuurlijk behoorlijk wat verschil in. Wil jij een vaatwasser kopen? Lees dan hier waar je op moet letten.

Het bekijken van een vaatwasser in de winkel

Je moet hierbij vooral kijken naar de gebruiksvriendelijkheid van een afwasmachine. Denk bijvoorbeeld aan een besteklade of bestekkorf, hoe flexibel de vaatwasser is qua indeling, of alles soepel beweegt, is de filter goed bereikbaar? Dit is belangrijk om zelf goed te checken.

Welke afmetingen en hoeveel couverts?

Wanneer je een inbouw afwasmachine hebt kun je natuurlijk niet helemaal kiezen hoe breed en hoog je de vaatwasser wil. Je kunt dan wel nog kiezen hoeveel couverts je wil. Gemiddeld heeft een vaatwasser 12 tot 15 couverts.

Inbouw of vrijstaand

We zeiden het al even, je kunt natuurlijk kiezen voor een vrijstaande afwasmachine of voor een inbouw variant. De inbouw is mooi weggewerkt, wat het grootste voordeel is. Hierbij is er nog verschil in een volledig geïntegreerde en een half geïntegreerde vaatwasser, waarbij je bij de laatste het bedieningspaneel nog wel buiten de vaatwasser hebt. Een vrijstaande heeft als voordeel dat het goedkoper is en dat je meer keuze hebt qua afmetingen en grootte.

De zuinigheid

De zuinigheid is natuurlijk ook belangrijk. Een zuinige afwasmachine is goed voor je portemonnee, en daarnaast ook voor het milieu. Een standaard vaatwasser met 12 tot 15 couverts is het meest zuinig. Kijk dus altijd goed naar energielabel, A is het meest zuinig.

Gereedschap Expert

Als u na het lezen van dit artikel benieuwd bent naar de beste afwasmaschine,  heeft u altijd nog de mogelijkheid om er een bij een online winkel te kopen. Op de site van Gereedschap Expert kunt u veel informatie vinden over verschillende soorten afwasmaschines. Daarnaast verkopen zij ook een breed assortiment aan gereedschappen.
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7 principles of effective negotiation

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marketing strategy books

Read Jim Camp’s bestselling negotiation book ”Say No to First” and identified 7 secrets to help you win even in the most difficult conversations:

  1. The popular win-win tactics are harmful to business negotiations. Camp believes that in any negotiation, you must first say “no”, because “no” is a balanced decision, “yes” is most likely a trick and a play of emotions, and “maybe” is a delay in making a decision.
  2. In a negotiation, never show your need. Why do negotiators immediately put themselves at a disadvantage? Because of the need! If you start to need a trade, you lose control, become completely vulnerable, and start making bad decisions.
  3. Be “out of order.” Jim Camp advises to stick to detective Columbo’s tactics in negotiations and appear a little “out of order.” This does not mean that you need to come to negotiations dirty, disheveled, forget everything in the world. No, just be a little imperfect. It is enough to forget the pen or pencil. Or ask for a piece of paper. Perhaps just dropping something – so you can defuse the situation. But you need to do it naturally and naturally.
  4. “No” is better than “yes” and “maybe” because it steers the negotiations in a rational direction. To be successful in negotiations, it is worth keeping this in mind. By succumbing to emotions, you weaken your position. That is why the author insists that in negotiations one should always say “no” first. This simple word makes your opponent wonder why he was turned down, and you have a real topic of conversation.
  5. The mission and the plan for its implementation are the key to your success. The basis for success in negotiations is mission. Evaluate any questions in the negotiations for compliance with your mission. Write your mission statement and follow it. By deviating from it, you are not just making concessions, you are calling into question the feasibility of the entire transaction.
  6. Do not try to control what is not in your control. Jim Camp believes that it is not worth setting any sales plans, no norms, numbers, percentages. You need to set goals that you can manage.
  7. The right questions are the foundation of good negotiations. Don’t over complicate the questions, keep them short and simple, otherwise your opponent’s vision will become hazy. Ask questions sequentially: question-answer-question-answer. And don’t help answer questions! Do not offer your solution, as you leave the enemy no choice and it will be difficult for him to see the situation clearly.

….. more info can be found here «Road to 100k Instagram Followers»!

instagram ad strategy marketing book
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Solutions for product development

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For the development of certain products, the specific properties of the raw materials are very important. The slightest deviation in dosage can already cause the product not to function optimally. Solids Solutions can help you find the right compositions. We specialize in particle and powder technology and are engaged in research and development in this field. If you get stuck in the development process, we can determine where the problem lies and look for a solution.

Determine BET surface with porosity measurement

The pore size of solids can be measured by gas adsorption. In most cases nitrogen is suitable to perform a porosity measurement, but sometimes a different type of gas gives more accurate results. Activated carbon, for example, uses argon or carbon dioxide adsorption. Based on the amount of gas that is absorbed by the substance, the BET surface area can be determined accurately. Determining the amount of gas adsorbed can be done in two ways. By means of a TCD detector or by the volumetric technique, with which slightly more accurate information is obtained.

Solids Solutions courses

At Solids Solutions, we are not only engaged in research. We are also happy to share our knowledge and findings with you. That is why you can come to our academy for courses and seminars. We offer various multi-day courses that are held both on location as well as in-company. The in-company courses are specifically tailored to the needs within the company. In addition, we regularly organise seminars on various topics in the field of particle technology. Please contact us to discuss your wishes and the possibilities we offer.
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