De beste wasdroger kopen

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Een vaatwasser is tegenwoordig het ultieme luxe apparaat in de keuken, die vrijwel iedereen heeft. Van buiten zien ze er allemaal hetzelfde uit, maar er zit natuurlijk behoorlijk wat verschil in. Wil jij een vaatwasser kopen? Lees dan hier waar je op moet letten.

Het bekijken van een vaatwasser in de winkel

Je moet hierbij vooral kijken naar de gebruiksvriendelijkheid van een afwasmachine. Denk bijvoorbeeld aan een besteklade of bestekkorf, hoe flexibel de vaatwasser is qua indeling, of alles soepel beweegt, is de filter goed bereikbaar? Dit is belangrijk om zelf goed te checken.

Welke afmetingen en hoeveel couverts?

Wanneer je een inbouw afwasmachine hebt kun je natuurlijk niet helemaal kiezen hoe breed en hoog je de vaatwasser wil. Je kunt dan wel nog kiezen hoeveel couverts je wil. Gemiddeld heeft een vaatwasser 12 tot 15 couverts.

Inbouw of vrijstaand

We zeiden het al even, je kunt natuurlijk kiezen voor een vrijstaande afwasmachine of voor een inbouw variant. De inbouw is mooi weggewerkt, wat het grootste voordeel is. Hierbij is er nog verschil in een volledig geïntegreerde en een half geïntegreerde vaatwasser, waarbij je bij de laatste het bedieningspaneel nog wel buiten de vaatwasser hebt. Een vrijstaande heeft als voordeel dat het goedkoper is en dat je meer keuze hebt qua afmetingen en grootte.

De zuinigheid

De zuinigheid is natuurlijk ook belangrijk. Een zuinige afwasmachine is goed voor je portemonnee, en daarnaast ook voor het milieu. Een standaard vaatwasser met 12 tot 15 couverts is het meest zuinig. Kijk dus altijd goed naar energielabel, A is het meest zuinig.

Gereedschap Expert

Als u na het lezen van dit artikel benieuwd bent naar de beste afwasmaschine,  heeft u altijd nog de mogelijkheid om er een bij een online winkel te kopen. Op de site van Gereedschap Expert kunt u veel informatie vinden over verschillende soorten afwasmaschines. Daarnaast verkopen zij ook een breed assortiment aan gereedschappen.
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Digital and accurate time registration in your organization

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Are you still using spreadsheets to track worked hours? This is an incredibly time-consuming task. To save this time, it is better to integrate a time registration system. You will work digitally and have clearer access to all the data. Get the help from a specialist, such as EasySecure International, to implement such a system in your organization. You keep a clear overview and prevent errors. There are no differences in data from different managers. You will have all the data you need in one clear time registration system. You can track time in different ways. Furthermore, you can use biometrics, cards, codes, or mobile phones. Or use a combination of these. Of course, your employees can choose what to use. All the time registration scanners from EasySecure International are fitted with a card reader and keypad.

Fully automatic time registration

You can get a simple time registration system from this company to start off with. Later on, you can upgrade the system to a fully automatic system. Or just go fully automatic from the start and save time and work. The specialists from this company will teach you how to use the system. Thanks to a user-friendly system, it is easy-to-use for everyone. The insights offered by this time registration system help managers with scheduling, absences, and much more. EasySecure International is always looking to improve and innovate. They keep their focus on cloud software, biometrics, and wireless applications.

Go digital and get all the insights you need

Do not hesitate any longer and get a digital time registration system for your organization. You will get all the insights you need to better manage your company or organization. If you have questions or would like to talk about the solutions offered by this company, then you can just contact them. Get in touch via the contact information on their website.
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7 principles of effective negotiation

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Read Jim Camp’s bestselling negotiation book ”Say No to First” and identified 7 secrets to help you win even in the most difficult conversations:

  1. The popular win-win tactics are harmful to business negotiations. Camp believes that in any negotiation, you must first say “no”, because “no” is a balanced decision, “yes” is most likely a trick and a play of emotions, and “maybe” is a delay in making a decision.
  2. In a negotiation, never show your need. Why do negotiators immediately put themselves at a disadvantage? Because of the need! If you start to need a trade, you lose control, become completely vulnerable, and start making bad decisions.
  3. Be “out of order.” Jim Camp advises to stick to detective Columbo’s tactics in negotiations and appear a little “out of order.” This does not mean that you need to come to negotiations dirty, disheveled, forget everything in the world. No, just be a little imperfect. It is enough to forget the pen or pencil. Or ask for a piece of paper. Perhaps just dropping something – so you can defuse the situation. But you need to do it naturally and naturally.
  4. “No” is better than “yes” and “maybe” because it steers the negotiations in a rational direction. To be successful in negotiations, it is worth keeping this in mind. By succumbing to emotions, you weaken your position. That is why the author insists that in negotiations one should always say “no” first. This simple word makes your opponent wonder why he was turned down, and you have a real topic of conversation.
  5. The mission and the plan for its implementation are the key to your success. The basis for success in negotiations is mission. Evaluate any questions in the negotiations for compliance with your mission. Write your mission statement and follow it. By deviating from it, you are not just making concessions, you are calling into question the feasibility of the entire transaction.
  6. Do not try to control what is not in your control. Jim Camp believes that it is not worth setting any sales plans, no norms, numbers, percentages. You need to set goals that you can manage.
  7. The right questions are the foundation of good negotiations. Don’t over complicate the questions, keep them short and simple, otherwise your opponent’s vision will become hazy. Ask questions sequentially: question-answer-question-answer. And don’t help answer questions! Do not offer your solution, as you leave the enemy no choice and it will be difficult for him to see the situation clearly.

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Solutions for product development

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For the development of certain products, the specific properties of the raw materials are very important. The slightest deviation in dosage can already cause the product not to function optimally. Solids Solutions can help you find the right compositions. We specialize in particle and powder technology and are engaged in research and development in this field. If you get stuck in the development process, we can determine where the problem lies and look for a solution.

Determine BET surface with porosity measurement

The pore size of solids can be measured by gas adsorption. In most cases nitrogen is suitable to perform a porosity measurement, but sometimes a different type of gas gives more accurate results. Activated carbon, for example, uses argon or carbon dioxide adsorption. Based on the amount of gas that is absorbed by the substance, the BET surface area can be determined accurately. Determining the amount of gas adsorbed can be done in two ways. By means of a TCD detector or by the volumetric technique, with which slightly more accurate information is obtained.

Solids Solutions courses

At Solids Solutions, we are not only engaged in research. We are also happy to share our knowledge and findings with you. That is why you can come to our academy for courses and seminars. We offer various multi-day courses that are held both on location as well as in-company. The in-company courses are specifically tailored to the needs within the company. In addition, we regularly organise seminars on various topics in the field of particle technology. Please contact us to discuss your wishes and the possibilities we offer.
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